I’ve been working on a music player for Linux. What I really wanted was foobar2000 for Linux but nothing on Linux is quite like it. There are lot of iTunes clones (Amarok, Banshee, Songbird, Rhythmbox, etc) but they are all too complicated or make copies of your music or show you lyrics and Wikipedia articles and include a web browser. I just want a simple music player. I can list the features I want one hand (I’ve only implemented the struck through items so far):

  • Simple interface (Most are not simple but can be configured to be simple)
  • Last.fm support (They all do this)
  • Date added and a full file path column (You would be surprised at just how many music players do not have these columns but they are so useful for sorting by)
  • Moving files to the trash folder (Most can do this)
  • Easy tag editing for multiple files at once (Most are ok at this)
  • Move files to a particular folder and remember the last 5 folders (Useful for remembering which songs I like by putting them in a “Collection” folder. I haven’t seen any other players do this)

This is a very early version, I’ve only implemented 3 out of 6 of the proposed features. By the time I release a 1.0 version I hope to have all of these features implemented.

Medusa Main Window