openglmm_shaders Test 20150817

Here is a video demo of my OpenGL 3.3 library libopenglmm.

YouTube Video

Lambert shading (Mirror’s Edge style)
Cube mapping
Normal mapping
Car paint (Slighty broken, I think a texture look up is incorrect)
Glass mixed with dirty metal texture (Similar to an old rusty/broken mirror)
Cel shading
Smoke particle system with lambert lighting with 4 normals that very roughly approximate a sphere (I think something is wrong with the depth texture look up)

Post render effects:
Teal and orange
HDR (It is cheesy and over done, but you get the idea, it would normally be a lot more tame, either brought back or blending less of the HDR textures in at the end)
Colour blind simulation (3 modes are possible, only one is shown)

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